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Enchanting Jewelry, Crystals, Wands & More

Enchanting Jewelry, Crystals, Wands & More

Enchanting Jewelry, Crystals, Wands & MoreEnchanting Jewelry, Crystals, Wands & More

Crescent Moon


Crescent Moon Symbolism

The moon has long-since been viewed as the embodiment of magic. With a pull so powerful it controls the earth’s tides, we are all influenced by its energy on a daily basis, yet it remains gentle. The powerful energy of the moon is symbolically represented in the shape of this crescent stone. It encourages the gentle flow of energy, and is a reminder to embrace and balance your emotions, while staying in touch with your feminine side. 

Infinite Energy Crescent Moons


Four Leaf Clover


Four (4) Leaf CLover Symbolism

It is widely believed that the four-leaf clover brings luck to its owner, but this elusive clover carries with it far more than just an offering of luck. Some say each leaf has a significance, representing faith, hope, love and luck, while others claim it attracts fame, wealth, love and health. Over the centuries, it has been said to deliver pleasant dreams, power, and protection to its owner. You may find it provides a different service, unique to you, or maybe you'll just hold it for a bit of added LUCK!

Infinite Energy 4 Leaf Clovers


Skeleton Key


Skeleton Key Symbolism

Spanning centuries and many different cultures, the key has been a symbol of luck, freedom, and power. A skeleton key traditionally possessed the ability to unlock numerous locks, providing its owner with access to hidden secrets and opportunities offered by opened doors. Working with the energy of your new pendant, move forward knowing you have the power to unlock any closed doors standing in the way of accomplishing your goals.

Infinite Energy Keys




Mermaid Symbolism

The existence of mermaids has been declared by sailors for centuries. These sensual, alluring beings are believed by some to have come from Atlantis, possessing a high frequency reminiscent of the lost, enchanting land. Born of magic and in possession of great intuition, mermaids serve as a reminder to trust your own intuitive guidance. 

As energetically appealing as they are physically, it’s no wonder mermaids are so closely associated with Goddess energy, and are often tied to Aphrodite. Mermaids possess love energy, reminding you to use discernment in love. They symbolize the magic of love, as well as the importance of lovingly releasing romantic ties when letting go is in your best interest. This lesson was most commonly expressed in myths as mermaids were said to lure sailors to their doom by enticing them with their other-worldly appeal. 

Their feminine energy encourages you to embrace self-love and confidence in your physical appearance, as well as to dive deep within and embrace your innermost emotional depths so you may align with your Higher Self. 

Infinite Energy Mermaid Tails




Wolf Symbolism

Wolves are viewed as a symbol of loyalty and power, worthy of respect in many cultures both historically and in present day. They are seen as intelligent and, to some, are considered good luck! Wolves encourage leadership, while also reminding us of the importance of teamwork and communication. Fiercely loyal creatures, they travel together to ensure the safety of the pack, while also working off instinct. This serves as a reminder to trust our own intuition, and to embrace the importance of close relationships, working together for the wellbeing of all. Equally as significant, the wolf reminds us to never neglect our own needs, as loyalty to ourselves is equally as important as loyalty to friends and family. 

Infinite Energy Wolves