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Enchanting Jewelry, Crystals, Wands & More

Enchanting Jewelry, Crystals, Wands & More

Enchanting Jewelry, Crystals, Wands & MoreEnchanting Jewelry, Crystals, Wands & More

The Journey


My Intention...

Each Infinite Energy Wire Wraps piece is made with the intention that its owner benefit from the metaphysical properties of natural gemstones, as well as to spread love, light and healing energy through reiki infused art.


How it started...

Infinite Energy Wire Wraps, LLC was officially founded in April of 2015. Originally producing only wire wrapped pendants, it has since expanded to include electroformed jewelry, crystal wands, bracelets and a number of other metaphysical energy tools. 

Caity Carleton

About the owner...


You can most frequently find me at 2am, curled up in my workshop with my cat on my lap, hot tea to my left, a sketchbook of designs open to my right, and a pile of tools and crystals spread out within reach as I create.  The designs always seem to flow best in the middle of the night, although I do love to set up outside on the deck on a sunny day. Either way, my faithful cat companion is always by my side. 

My love for crystals started at the age of four, and while working at a holistic center in 2014, I discovered the meanings and metaphysical properties of stones. I quickly fell in love with their beauty and energy. After learning that some people choose to use them for healing purposes, I sought a way to spread the loving energy of crystals through making jewelry. 

The first time I was introduced to wire wrapping, my creative passion was instantly sparked, and I discovered a love for creating unique designs.  From nature and sacred geometry, to dreams, I’m always open to receiving new inspiration from the Universe. 

I have collected crystals from all over the US, gathered sea glass in Scotland, and picked four leaf clovers near Stonehenge in England, all in the hopes of creating pieces as unique as their future owners. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my journey.  My hope is that, in some way, big or small, Infinite Energy Wire Wraps brings you as much love and joy as it continues to bring me.